GOODNIGHT ZOOM: Parody Children’s Books for This Moment

Do you recognise the originals?

  • Goodnight Zoom
  • Frog and Toad are social distancing
  • Green eggs and wash your hands
  • Miss Nelson is teaching remotely
  • What do people do all day at home
  • When the self-isolation ends : Poems and drawings of COVID-19

Source: GOODNIGHT ZOOM: Parody Children’s Books for This Moment

Free Audiobooks

SYNC’s eleventh season opens with a pair of free downloads in just a couple of days!

To make sure you and everyone you know who wants to collect personal copies of any or all of the 26 featured audiobooks this year, it’s now time to register.

First register for SYNC 2020 on the Audio Sync homepage.

Then open Sora. You’ll need to add the SYNC program’s library. Here are the steps:

  1. In Sora, open the menu (in the top-right corner).
  2. Select Add a public library.
  3. Search for audiobooksync and select the library from the results.

Q: When does each SYNC week start?

A: The SYNC week starts Thursday, April 30. at midnight (ET) and lasts until the following Wednesday at 11:59:59 pm (ET). Most of Europe will see the SYNC week start at 6 am on Thursday and then end at 5:59 am the following Thursday

Q: How long is each audiobook available in Sora?

A: Each audiobook is only available to borrow during the one featured week.

Once you’ve borrowed an audiobook, it stays on your Shelf in Sora.

The “Corona Library”

Libraries in times of Corona

With the reopening of the school for some year groups, students taught in school will have the opportunity to borrow books from the school library.

Primary Library

  • Primary library will remain closed until further notice.
  • Students can reserve books via the online library system. The books will be delivered directly to the classes.
  • Any book returns to the library will be collected by the class teachers in the classroom where the librarian will pick them up. Returned books will be put back in the shelf after 24hrs, ready to be borrowed again. 

Secondary Library

  • School Library is open for a maximum of 15 students at the same time as long as they keep the requested distance.
  • The library entrance will be under video surveillance.
  • There is going to be just one chair per table, only 4 computers will be available – the “chill corners” will be closed.
  • At the lending desk there will be a self-circulation tool giving students and teachers the opportunity to return and check out books.
  • Everybody is going to need their School-ID card to borrow books!
  • Returned books will be kept for 24h before they go back to the shelf.
  • The librarian’s office can not be entered.

Plese do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail in case you should you require further assisatance.


mit der Wiedereröffnung der Schule für einzelne Jahrgangsstufen werden Schüler, die vor Ort unterrichtet werden, die Möglichkeit haben, Bücher aus der Schulbibliothek zu leihen.

Primary Library

  • Die Primar-Bibliothek bleibt bis auf weiteres geschlossen.
  • Schüler können Bücher online über das Bibliothekssystem reservieren. Die Bücher werden zu den Klassenzimmern gebracht.
  • Bücherrückgaben für die Bibliothek werden von den Klassenlehrern im Klassenzimmer gesammelt und von der Bibliothekarin abgeholt. Bücherrückgaben werden nach 24 Stunden in die Regale einsortiert und können dann wieder ausgeliehen werden.

Secondary Library

  • Die Schulbibliothek ist für maximal 15 Schüler*innen gleichzeitig offen, und nur dann, wenn sie den erforderlichen Abstand halten.
  • Der Eingang wird videoüberwacht.
  • Es werden nur ein Stuhl pro Arbeitstisch und lediglich 4 der Computer zur Verfügung stehen – die “Chill-Ecken” bleiben geschlossen.
  • An der Ausleihtheke haben Schüler*innen und Lehrer*innen die Möglichkeit, an einem Selbstverbuchungs-Terminal Bücher auszuleihen und zurückzugeben.
  • Jeder benötigt seinen Schul-Ausweis, um Bücher auszuleihen!
  • Zurückgegebene Bücher werden 24 Stunden aufbewahrt, bevor sie in das Regal zurücksortiert werden.
  • Das Büro der Bibliothekarin darf nicht betreten werden.

Bitte wenden Sie sich gerne per E-Mail an uns, falls Sie weitere Unterstützung brauchen sollten.

Sora Sweet Reads

With the coronavirus outbreak and school closure, ESRM wants to help students find new ways to learn while away from the classroom. We have an exciting reading service available through Sora, the student reading app, which provides free 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks.

Learn more about Sora and its perks for you and our students here:

What better way to engage a student’s mind than through reading? Starting April 15 – July 31, 2020, the Sora Sweet Reads program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in Sora for quick and easy unlimited access.

ESRM students read – at home

Many students took the chance to get familiar with our eBook services. And they READ (-:

Viele Schüler*innen haben die Gelegenheit genutzt, sich mit unseren E-Book-Angeboten vertraut zu machen. Und sie LESEN (-:

Sora Activity 30 days


BIG LIBRARY READ: ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic’

Starting March 23rd:

It’s time for #BigLibraryRead! Join the discussion & borrow the featured title from our digital collection:

📘 Featured title: ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic’
✍️Author: Michael McCreary
🎧Ebook & audiobook:
👉Join the discussion:

Reader age: 12 and up!