Unlimited access 4 May  – 17 August, 2022

Starting 4 May – 17 August, 2022, the Sora Sweet Reads program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in Sora for quick and easy unlimited access. You can explore the title offerings and learn more about the program here:

Another Pro for eBooks

Why sometimes eBooks are better… Knowing, that eBooks does not smell like real books, that the feeling to touch an eBook-Reader is not the same as to touch the cover of a nice hardcover book with a linen cover: In some cases, eBooks are the better choice. Here we are with an example: To support our new students (and their parents) from the Ukraine, we were able to buy some new eBooks in Ukrainian language, some in Ukrainian and English – within a day or two. Our students can download them without any cost on a smartphone or tablet, after installing the SoraApp. The SoraApp is to be found at any App Store or to be used as a Desktop App. We also produced an instructional video: How to download an eBook using the SoraApp. For sure, we are on the way to buy some more non-fiction on the history and geography of the Ukraine in English and German language – also as printed versions. All these books are to be found on the main page of our Library Catalogue.

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What SYNC Participants Said about the 2020 Program

„Helping me through a rough time—being read to is the highest form of comfort“

„I never thought that I would come to enjoy reading from an audiobook. It’s so cool because I can do other stuff like folding clothes while listening to a book. Thanks, SYNC, for the experience.“

„My favorite part about SYNC is getting and listening to books I wouldn’t have ever chosen for myself. It expands my world view and my reading view, which is excellent.“ 

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Mental growth

You can now find 42 more eBooks to read right now that support mental growth for students of all age groups and for teachers! Borrow today with no holds or wait lists in the #SoraReadingApp.

You can find the entire list here:
Crying is like the rain : A story of mindfulness and feelings
Forget me not [Audiobook]

Countdown: 21 Tage “Distance Learning”

Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt! Wir haben euch einen Countdown-Kalender mit vielen Tipps zum Lesen, Hören und Lernen erstellt, um euch die Zeit bis zur Rückkehr in die Schule zu verkürzen! Beginnt am 11.01.2021 bei dem Türchen 1!

The Corona Peek

eBooks are more and more important for schools – especially in times of distance learning and hygiene concerns. But that doesn’t mean that printed books are out of bounds!

School libraries do their best to serve student’s needs – digital and analogue -, even when school (or library) is closed. Have a look at our reading statistics! Since September they are back in school. Now they can browse the “real” shelves in their School Libraries again.

SoraApp: Total books opened

School Library Loans per Month

Have a nice holiday – Schöne Ferien!

Die Schulbibliothek wünschtallen schöne und erholsame Sommerferien!

Bleiben Sie gesund, rücksichtsvoll und fröhlich – und natürlich: lesen Sie viele gute Bücher!

Wie jeder weiß, stehen wir virtuell auch in den Sommerferien zur Verfügung, denn auf können unsere Schüler*innen viele tolle E-Books und Hörbücher finden (und auf iServ/News die Anleitung).

Damit alle, die noch Gebühren bei der Bibliothek zu bezahlen haben auch fröhlich sein können, werden wir – als kleinen Beitrag zur Entlastung in diesen Zeiten – ALLE ausstehenden Gebühren erlassen.


The School Library is wishing you nice and restful holidays.

Stay healthy, considerate, friendly and cheerful – and for sure: read many good books!

As everybody knows, we are available virtually during summer as well on, where our students can find many great eBooks and audiobooks (and the instructions on iServ).

To make sure, that also those who still need to balance fees to the library may also be cheerful, we will cancel ALL owing overdue fees – as a little contribution to a relief at these days.