How To Spot Fake News

Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy, and the mission of libraries is to educate and advocate its importance.

Source: IFLA infographic based on’s 2016 article “How to Spot Fake News” in JPG format /IFLA. 27 January 2017

Eighth place: Good news from Britannica School

Thanks to the help of teachers, librarians and maybe also parents we’ve brought a trustful information source to our students!

This is the statistics delivered by Britannica:

Session(s)  Document(s)  Media(s)  Querie(s)  Hit(s)  Downloads  
 4,910  5,740  7,339  21,093  3,450,599    13,079

Their comment:

“I am happy to confirm that in terms of usage – you are my 8th Highest school globally out 55 Schools, so congratulations on this very good achievement.”

LearnPaths – Lernpfade

You need more information on a school subject? There is a personal problem you need to solve? You need to hold a presentation at school? Your school library is helping you to find your path through the jungle of information. Just check our LearnPaths first:

Du brauchst mehr Informationen zu einem Schulfach? Du hast ein persönliches Problem zu lösen? Du sollst in der Schule eine Präsentation halten? Deine Schulbibliothek hilft dir, den Pfad durch den Informationsdschungel zu finden. Suche einfach erst einmal in unseren Lernpfaden:

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