Strange new animal species


Snorse, Gorilladile, Whuppy, …

…. and in between Jane Clarke and our pre-primary and P1 children

Have you ever experienced something that you would dearly like to share but  – no matter how hard you try and think – you just can’t seem to find the words to get it right? Well, this is exactly how I am feeling now, trying to share the special moments our youngest students of the English section experienced earlier this week.

There were some “awwws” and “ohhhs” when the children entered the primary library and noticed that most of the shelves had been moved aside to give room for them to comfortably sit down on floor mats. However, this was just the nice stage for the main attraction: Jane Clarke who brought her picture book “Who woke the baby” to life and the children joining in by yawning like the hippopotamus, roaring like lions and having loads of fun.

Jane Clarke - PP+P1 (3)

And there was more fun to follow! All children created their own species by combining their favourite animal with another animal of their choice. Afterwards they presented their creation, Jane asked them for some imaginary facts on their animals and, without even noticing, the children had made up their own little animal story. At the end it was the children’s turn to ask questions. They were curious about the number of stories Jane had written, where she got her ideas from and they wanted to know her favourite character from her books.

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Thank you Jane, for this wonderful gift to our students:Sharing your stories and adding a copy of “Who woke the baby” to our library’s picture book collection!

Who woke the baby

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