“We all have stories to tell”

Dave Cousins most certainly knows how to tell stories; and he brings them to life!

Picture a grown up standing in front of a group of 12 to 14 year-old students telling them about his life and what he does for living: Boring – poor guy – a disaster.

Now this is how it looks when Dave Cousins tells his story of what he wanted to be and what he did before he became an award winning author.


He naturally connected with his audience and caught our students’ attention and interest from the very beginning. But aside of performing two of his books “15 Days without a Head” & “Waiting for Gonzo” and giving a good laugh he also shared some advise on how to write:

  • Just do it
  • Try and write every day
  • You can find ideas for stories in every-day-life, you just have to pick it up
  • A story starts with a story and asking question


And the most important thing of being a writer: Do it for love not for money!

... and  we gained the impression that this is exactly what Dave does …