Jo Cotterill: Comments from her audience


Jo Cotterill was the first author I’ve ever met! I love that she loves cheese!!!! (Jennifer G.)

I loved how she showed the science behind electricity and made a model for us. (Madeleine L.)

An amazing experience that taught me a lot including that Jo Cotterill likes cheese, a lot! (Anna W.)


“Fully charged and ready for action”

Originally taken from the book cover but no less describing Electrigirl’s creator Jo Cotterill who came to visit our students in year 3-8 of our English language section. The sympathic, energetic and witty  author seemed to enjoy her time at our school and our students simply loved it!

The first two sessions were a very entertaining mix of sharing her personal story of becoming a writer and that of “Electrigirl” but at the same time there also was some teaching. The elements of atoms and an electric circuit were introduced in a fun way that will most certainly stay in every student’s mind.

A really nice add-on to the current/previous curriculum and a story our P3 students enjoyed reading in class.

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After the lunch break, Jo Cotterill invited classes S2EN and S3EN to “Looking at the stars”. Her award winning book however does not relate to Astronomy but instead addresses serious topics such as refugees, discrimination, poverty but also the power of storytelling hope, family, friendship. More about this reading to follow ….

A big Thank You to Jo Cotterill for travelling all the way from England to meet our student: It has been a pleasure to have you!