There were many students and parents helping us before and during the “22. Hessischer Schulbibliothekstag” taking place Saturday, 21st 2015 at our school.

Thank you for the piano music, the coffee and snacks, for your help to prepare all rooms on Friday, to take care that 30 course instructors found their room, to make people find their way to the classrooms, the library, the bathroom or the canteen, to clean up everything on Saturday evening and much more I cannot mention.

An extra thank you goes to the facility management, to our secretaries who packed all those wonderful bags for the participants and where there on their free Saturday and last but not least to the IT – you made the impossible possible.

Thank you Ute & family – you are simply the best!

Many people told me that they were impressed by the very good atmosphere amongst us. Thank you Tom and Gitta: You’re the ones creating such a common spirit . I am very happy to be part of this wonderful team!

Big hug