Always available: Diverse Reads for Kids and Teens

54 new simultaneouse use eBooks are to be found in our catalogue: Own voices & diversity books for students, available for free until 31.08.2021. Just click or scan to find our diverse reads for kids and teens:

Have a nice holiday – Schöne Ferien!

Die Schulbibliothek wünschtallen schöne und erholsame Sommerferien!

Bleiben Sie gesund, rücksichtsvoll und fröhlich – und natürlich: lesen Sie viele gute Bücher!

Wie jeder weiß, stehen wir virtuell auch in den Sommerferien zur Verfügung, denn auf können unsere Schüler*innen viele tolle E-Books und Hörbücher finden (und auf iServ/News die Anleitung).

Damit alle, die noch Gebühren bei der Bibliothek zu bezahlen haben auch fröhlich sein können, werden wir – als kleinen Beitrag zur Entlastung in diesen Zeiten – ALLE ausstehenden Gebühren erlassen.


The School Library is wishing you nice and restful holidays.

Stay healthy, considerate, friendly and cheerful – and for sure: read many good books!

As everybody knows, we are available virtually during summer as well on, where our students can find many great eBooks and audiobooks (and the instructions on iServ).

To make sure, that also those who still need to balance fees to the library may also be cheerful, we will cancel ALL owing overdue fees – as a little contribution to a relief at these days.

Sommerferien Bingo

Bald sind Sommerferien! Warum versuchst du nicht, das Sora Bingo zu gewinnen?

Du weißt nicht, wie man die SoraApp benutzt? Schau einfach hier:

Die ersten fünf Schüler*innen, die mir zwischen dem 1. bis 4. September 2020 ein Foto des beendeten Bingos senden, werden einen Preis bekommen.


Summer holidays are coming soon! Why don’t you try to win the Sora Bingo?

You don’t know how to use the SoraApp? Just have a look here:

The first five students sending me a photo of the completed Bingo between 1st and 4th of September 2020, will receive an award!

Critical media literacy

So imporant, not only these days!

How To Spot Fake News

Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy, and the mission of libraries is to educate and advocate its importance.

Source: IFLA infographic based on’s 2016 article “How to Spot Fake News” in JPG format /IFLA. 27 January 2017

GOODNIGHT ZOOM: Parody Children’s Books for This Moment

Do you recognise the originals?

  • Goodnight Zoom
  • Frog and Toad are social distancing
  • Green eggs and wash your hands
  • Miss Nelson is teaching remotely
  • What do people do all day at home
  • When the self-isolation ends : Poems and drawings of COVID-19

Source: GOODNIGHT ZOOM: Parody Children’s Books for This Moment

Free Audiobooks

SYNC’s eleventh season opens with a pair of free downloads in just a couple of days!

To make sure you and everyone you know who wants to collect personal copies of any or all of the 26 featured audiobooks this year, it’s now time to register.

First register for SYNC 2020 on the Audio Sync homepage.

Then open Sora. You’ll need to add the SYNC program’s library. Here are the steps:

  1. In Sora, open the menu (in the top-right corner).
  2. Select Add a public library.
  3. Search for audiobooksync and select the library from the results.

Q: When does each SYNC week start?

A: The SYNC week starts Thursday, April 30. at midnight (ET) and lasts until the following Wednesday at 11:59:59 pm (ET). Most of Europe will see the SYNC week start at 6 am on Thursday and then end at 5:59 am the following Thursday

Q: How long is each audiobook available in Sora?

A: Each audiobook is only available to borrow during the one featured week.

Once you’ve borrowed an audiobook, it stays on your Shelf in Sora.