Great fun in Germany

Jo Cotterill

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m only now finding a chance to write about it! On Tues 17th April, I flew out to Frankfurt in Germany… (This narrative will be highly illustrated by photos)

I was fascinated by the shadow of my plane on the clouds below, in a rainbow halo…

Passing over the coastline of the UK…

I was staying in Bad Vilbel, outside Frankfurt, for two nights while I visited the Europäische Schule RheinMain. On my first evening, I went for a little wander in the local area.

There was a lovely little pedestrianised area (right by the library!) with mini-fountains

And there was also a canal with a beautiful sunset!

The view the next morning was very lovely

Tulips nestled in amongst the daffodils

And so on to the Europäische Schule, where I talked to three large groups of students, from 8 to 14…

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