Patrice Lawrence: “Incredibly fascinating person”

I’m glad I was there at the reading. It was actually an even better experience then I imagined it would be. Patrice seemed to me like an incredibly fascinating person after explaining us her origin and her family, the way she spoke about her books, her humour, in general I found her amazing.

As well were amazing her books, Orangeboy and Indigo Donut. They seemed to me like pretty original ideas, and I liked the way she mentioned she used bits and pieces of her reality to make them part of her character’s reality.

What I also really liked about her books is that there will be people who could identify themselves with the characters, and maybe even the stories.

In general, the reading was just amazing, and I could recommend the books. And I’m glad I got to meet Patrice.

Isabelle B. (S5 EN)

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