The dangerous life of a librarian

You think a librarian’s life is quite boring between all these books? You should have been with us yesterday in European School RheinMain’s auditorium to experience something different!

Chris Bradford brought his show on the Bodyguard Series to our school and our students from the English section (and their teachers and the librarian) had an amazing training on how to be a bodyguard. Right at the beginning Chris saved the librarian’s life from a threat assessment that has been carried out at the aula, and she will ever be thankful for his quick reaction!

As he himself said, Chris is a true believer in “practicing what you preach”, therefore we had lots of VIPs (including Justin Bieber) on stage to practice unarmed and armed (water pistol) combats. Girls and boys participating made a great team even though they came to realize the challenge of being Chris Bradford’s bodyguard.

By the way Chris signed a lot of the cards and posters he brought with him and I am sure ALL students will read his best-selling books. His Body Guard series, published in more than 20 languages, was awarded with more than 30 children’s books prizes and nominations.

Thank you, Chris!

Also a huge thank you to Verena Otto from cbj/Randomhouse for bringing Chris to our school.

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