Kate DiCamillo : An inspiration – not only for young readers


Honestly, we did not hesitate for even a second when Daniela Wind from the German publishing house dtv mentioned the chance of famous author Kate DiCamillo visiting our school. Ever since, we had been in gleeful anticipation, hardly able to believe our luck. Now, after Kate’s visit, there is more than that – and we struggle to find the right words.

Before Kate came to our school she was this famous, successful, award-winning author. Two of her books had even been adapted for the big screen; sort of a Hollywood-Star in the author business. Of course, visiting European School RheinMain did not rewrite history. Having the privilege to listen to Kate we got to know a bit more of her amazing, inspiring and true story: Not having the perfect start with spending half of her childhood sick, she made up her mind to become an author, wrote “Because of Winn-Dixie”, after being rejected from publishers 473 times finally got a “YES” and won the Newberry Medal.

To all of our wonderful students

May you always remember …

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… and get on the train.

To Kate DiCamillo:             capture                                                                         Thank you so much!

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