Trouble in the European School RheinMain


It was a travel back in time and it wasn’t long before our P3E and P4E students set off to their adventure. Guest author S.P. Moss provided the required background information on the 1950’s and within the blink of an eye our students found themselves right in the middle of the adventure of “Trouble in Teutonia”.

Everyone enjoyed the acting and at the end there was still some time left for questions. Our students were interested in finding out more about becoming and being an author, what inspired S.P. Moss to write her stories and wanted to know a little more about her other book “The Bother in Burmeon”. But of course our students were also curious about “the person behind the author” and asked Susan not only about her favourite authors and reads but also for her favourite soccer team.










1 thought on “Trouble in the European School RheinMain”

  1. What a marvellous time I had at the school! Top hole, as Grandpop would say, and no bother or trouble at all. You all made me feel very welcome and I was most impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm for reading and books.


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