Author visits from United States and Finnland

Libba Bray at European School RheinMain

This school year the library started with two wonderful guests for S6 and S4 students! Libba Bray came to Frankfurt for the Book Fair presenting her novel “Diviners” which is very successful in America and has actually been translated into German. She impressed our S6 students not only with her stand-up workshop on storytelling, but also with her wonderful personality and the amazing story of her life.

Emmi Itäranta at European School RheinMain

Emmi Itäranta, originally coming from Finnland, travelled to Frankfurt from Great Britain where she is actually living and where she wrote her award-winning debut novel “Memory of Water” in both languages: Finnish and English. Our S4 students were very interested in the story about Norita and her father, a tea-master in a future world, where water is luxury. Many questions on writing and being an author turned up and finally time was too short!

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