Daniel Morden told us one his fantastic stories yesterday. It was really amazing because each time he talked you could see which character he was, by the way of talking, and his voice.

He explained to us, that when he went to Haiti, a really poor country in Central America, everyone told each other stories, because of that reason he told them to tell him the stories so that he could write them down, make it into a book, and send it to them so that they could learn how to read.

When Daniel Morden was a kid, his dad used to read to him and his brother “The Hobbit” He told us that every night time he would imagine a whole world in his head, Middle Earth.

He said that the kids there love to tell stories, because they can’t read to each other, they tell stories to make each other happy, or confused to cheer up… They had stories for every single moment.

He told us two stories; one was “Jack and the Green Man” and a Greek myth about a king, Apollo, god of music, and Pan, god of nature.

Blanca, S1E


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