Busy times: Readings and other events at the library

There already have been many readings in the library this school year. We’ve started with the Frankfurt Book Fair and since that there were many famous an interesting people visiting our library to read to the students, to talk about different subjects and to encourage them to read and to learn something on different subjects, such as resistance in the 3rd Reich, how to publish a book and how to become a successful writer of fantasy fiction.

First guest this school year has been Petra SchwarzSchwanengrab2, a newcomer with her crime novel “Schwanensee”. Petra Schwarz read to S4Da and S4Db. In preparation the classes came to the library to write their own story using some keywords from the novel.

Next one has been the famous author Holly-Jane RahlensHolly, who presented her first novel for younger children “Stella Menzel und der goldene Faden.” She brought a wonderful blue/silver table cloth with her and the original English manuscript – until now the book has only been published in German language. P4E and P5E were very impressed by the story and the person who presented it very interactively.

Keith TilburyKeith brought his very British humour and funny poems to the classes P3E and P3L2E. “Be creative and be silly”, he told us in our guestbook. We’ll do our very best, Keith!

Very impressing for S4E and S5E was the reading with Sarah MaasSarah2. She presented her “Throne of Glass”, but even more important was that she spoke about her own story of how she became an (quite famous) author. Her winning spirit brought her to the top of the New York Times bestseller list at a very young age.

Beginning of November Dirk ReinhardtREinhardt brought a history subject to the school library. The children got impressions on life in Nazi Germany. The author who did a lot of historical research for his book could answer lots of questions to the subject of the book, the German group of very young resistants, the “Edelweißpiraten”.  Students have been preparing the reading in an extra lesson with the librarian and produced some posters on resistance in 3rd Reich.

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