Lucy Hay: Screenwriting workshop (S3 + S4 EN)

Lucy V Hay aka ‘Bang2write’ is a novelist, script editor, screenwriter and blogger who helps writers.

She is one of the organisers of London Screenwriters’ Festival and is associate producer of the Brit Thriller Deviation, starring Danny Dyer and Anna Walton.Lucy Hay Twitter

Lucy has read for indie prodcos, screen agencies, investment initiatives and directors, producers, writers and filmmakers far and wide. Her debut novel, But What Next? has just been bought by Rowohlt Publishers, Germany. This German edition (Title: Bauchentscheidung) is available at the library.

Lucy visited the European School RheinMain for a screenwriting workshop the 17/04/2013. Appr. 40 students learned to pitch a fantasy, horror … film. Toy story, used as an example was well known by everybody. Intensive work on a creative subject. Please come back next year, Lucy!



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